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Simplifying your visa process to enhance your life in Portugal

Our experts and partners understand the complexities of the Portuguese visa process alongside the Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) tax regime and the new NHR 2.0 that replaces the existing NHR tax status ending for new entrants in 2024. We are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Golden Visa

A more costly route to dual residency in Portugal, access to other EU member countries, and favourable tax and investment opportunities, but this is going through changes and may not include real estate investments as part of that mix.

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D7 Visa

There is a lot of flexibility with the D7 Visa as it works alongside the NHR/NHR 2.0 schemes to help individuals benefit from their income, pensions, wealth and assets. The D7 Visa also gives you access to and potential residency in all EU member countries.

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Digital Nomad Visa

Embrace the freedom of remote working with the Digital Nomad D8 Visa, designed for individuals who can work from anywhere to benefit from potential residency and reductions against the standard flat rate of tax under NHR/NHR 2.0 schemes.

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Cliffs, coastline and ocean in Algarve, Portugal
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300+ Days Of Sun
A great all-year-round climate.
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Tax Benefits + EU Access
Making the most of your income and assets.
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World-class Healthcare
Voted top for health and lifestyle.
Why Portugal?

Discover the advantages of living in Portugal

Embrace the charm of Portugal and elevate your lifestyle
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Benefits of EU residence: Enjoy the benefits of Portugal's EU residence, including visa-free travel across the Schengen area.
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Tax benefits: Take full advantage of specific tax benefits offered under the Portuguese tax regimes such as the NHR tax regime as well as the new NHR 2.0 that replaces the existing NHR tax status ending for new entrants in 2024. Contact us to check out the incentives for your investments, wealth, and assets.

How we can help

Our expert team and partners help you maximise your financial position and visa status for the next 10-20 years.

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Application Submission

We manage your visa application process, from form preparation to submission, eliminating errors and enhancing success rates. We also plan for the future, optimising our clients, for over 20 years with our proprietary financial modelling in conjunction with the Non Habitual Residency (NHR) or the new NHR 2.0 tax regimes.

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Continuous Support

Our team offers all year-round assistance guiding you through each visa application stage, keeping you informed of new opportunities with your investments, financial planning, tax savings and visa benefits. It is vital that we plan for 10-20 years to maximise your life and financial status in Portugal.

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Document Preparation

Our specialist team helps compile and verify your visa documents for complete accuracy, sidestepping potential delays and maximising your tax position within the relevant visa exemption.

Customised Solutions

Understanding the uniqueness of each visa application, we offer bespoke solutions and NHR or NHR 2.0 tax schemes support to optimise your financial and tax planning, ensuring adherence to criteria and regulations.


Our deep understanding of Portuguese visa regulations, legal processes and financial and tax planning using the NHR or NHR 2.0 tax schemes allows us to navigate the system efficiently, aligning your application within the guidelines.

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Peace of Mind

Trust us with your visa application, and financial and tax planning through the NHR or NHR 2.0 tax regimes for a worry-free process, freeing you up to concentrate on enjoying life, relocation or other investment activities.

How we support affluent expats

Client case studies

Supporting the Digital Nomad lifestyle of an expert designer

"Moving to Nazaré, Portugal, was a daunting prospect; we had many uncertainties about taxes, language barriers, and my professional growth in a new land. Portugal Pathways guided us through the visa process and helped me connect with like-minded clients in the sustainability and vegan sectors. They also catered to my partner's love of surfing and tennis, joining local sporting clubs and connecting with the surfing community."
Sarah Walsh
Supporting the Digital Nomad lifestyle of an expert designer
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asked questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our visa solutions.

What is a Passive Income Visa or Retirement Visa (D7) for affluent expats in Portugal?
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The D7 Visa is often referred to as the 'Passive Income Visa' or 'Retirement Visa' as it allows you to pay 0% tax on passive income such as dividends, royalties, and rental income when combined with Portugal's Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) tax system on non-Portugal derived income. This also applies to pensions held outside of Portugal where you pay only 10% tax using NHR and the D7 Visa.

What are the main benefits of obtaining a Golden Visa in Portugal?
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Some of the primary benefits include the freedom to live and work in Portugal, visa-free travel within the Schengen Area, right to healthcare and education as well as a smooth pathway to citizenship.

Can my family benefit from my Golden Visa application?
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Yes, immediate family members, including a spouse, dependent children, and dependent parents, can also be eligible for residency under the main applicant's Golden Visa.

How long is the Golden Visa valid for?
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Initially, the Golden Visa is valid for one year and can then be renewed for two successive periods of two years each.

Who is eligible to apply for the Golden Visa in Portugal?
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Any non-European Union (EU), non-European Economic Area (EEA), and non-Swiss nationals are eligible to apply for the Golden Visa programme if they meet the necessary investment requirements.

What is the Golden Visa Programme in Portugal?
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The Golden Visa programme is a residency-by-investment scheme offered by the Portuguese government to non-European Union citizens, allowing them to obtain residency and right to work in Portugal in exchange for making significant financial investments in the country.

What is the current status with the Golden Visa programme and its benefits?
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As of July 19th 2023, it was announced in the Portuguese parliament that the visa by real estate investment of €500,000 or more is in the process of being discontinued. While other investments options for this Golden Visa are likely to remain, our experts believe this is likely to involve investing in Portuguese businesses which might not be as popular as real estate. The D7 Visa offers many of the same benefits, alongside the Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) tax regime benefits and this remains the best route.

What is the Portugal D7 visa, and who is eligible for it?
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The D7 visa scheme grants residency in Portugal to non-EU citizens and access to Schengen member countries as well as rights to education and healthcare. Eligible visa applicants must have a clean criminal record and be able to provide sufficient financial means to support themselves and their families.