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Experience unparalleled convenience and personalised support with our concierge services, tailored to meet your unique needs and elevate every aspect of your lifestyle in Portugal.
Real Estate Support
Comprehensive advice on locations, hotspots, local regulations for property investments or from research to transaction management.
Insurance & Healthcare
Quality healthcare services and insurance coverage for peace of mind during your time in Portugal.
FX Solutions
Seamless and cost-effective currency exchange, providing transparancy and easy-to-use tools.
Pension & Retirement
Secure a comfortable retirement in Portugal through our tailored strategies and advice.
Exclusive Access
Gain privileged entry to exlusive events, cultural festivals, dining, shopping and private entertainment experiences.
Ensuring a personalised experience including, removals, pets, family care, joining clubs and much more.
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Integrating one expat family into society and organised their residency

"When I moved to Portugal, my family faced multiple challenges - from understanding the local  private healthcare system, integrating into the culture, and finding a suitable golf club. Portugal Pathways found us a new financial director, a top-notch security service as a high profile figure. They even connected us with like minded individuals locally and enrolled my children in an excellent international school.”
Igor Fontes
Integrating one expat family into society and organised their residency
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asked questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our tax and financial planning solutions.

What other services will Portugal Pathways provide for me and my family in Portugal?
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Portugal Pathways offers numerous tailored services to their wealthy expat clients. This includes luxury experiences, retirement planning, removals, pet care, healthcare planning, education, language tutors, insurance, real estate support, foreign currency solutions (FX), and exclusive access to events.

Will I receive support when relocating and trying to find the right property investment?
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Our expert teams offer specialized real estate support tailored for the interests and tastes of wealthy expats. Our services offer advice and guidance on prime locations, the latest hotspots, as well as understanding local regulations associated with property investments. We are dedicated to guiding our clients through every step of the process, from thorough research to efficient transaction management, ensuring they secure the finest homes in the most desirable areas of Portugal.

How does Portugal Pathways support families with children in need of education?
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Our experts provide support to the family by assisting them in finding the right international private school suited for their children and help enrol them. We also introduce the families to top tutors in Portugal to help assist with the language learning and other educational needs.

What exclusive events or experiences will I be able to access?
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Clients can gain privileged entry to a range of exclusive events and experiences in Portugal, ranging from golf events to fine dining VIP events. This also includes cultural festivals, premier wine tasting events, luxury shopping experiences, and private club events in Portugal.

Will my family receive support in setting up our healthcare plan?
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Portugal Pathways experts guide expats to receiving private and public healthcare in Portugal through any of the residency visas available. This includes healthcare planning and securing the appropriate insurance coverage to ensure peace of mind in Portugal for you and your family.

Are house prices relatively low in Portugal compared to other European locations?
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Portugal has relatively affordable housing prices compared to many other parts of Europe, but there are a number of exclusive property enclaves where land and property comes at a premium. This is especially in the major cities, such as Lisbon, Porto and parts of the Algarve where housing prices are generally higher.

What is Portugal's education system like?
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Portugal's education is mandatory from ages 6-18, spanning public and private schools. Higher education is provided by universities and polytechnics, aligning with the Bologna Process. The country boasts high literacy and values education. Private schools, accredited and following the national curriculum, often have smaller classes, more resources, and might offer multilingual education. Fees differ, so researching schools via one of our experts is advised. Private tuition for Portuguese exists, but many in wealthy areas speak English.

What is Portugal's National healthcare system like?
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Portugal's National healthcare system, the Serviço Nacional de Saúde (SNS), is universally accessible and funded through taxation and contributions. It offers high-quality care with well-trained professionals and modern facilities. Private healthcare is also available. National healthcare is the most effective in treating immediate acute healthcare issues and emergencies. GP services, regional healthcare centres, and a strong and robust private healthcare ecosystem exist.